“We're On A Mission To Solve The Problems.”

The Risers Foundation ,an NGO founded by Shivam Kumar  and led by Rohit  Kr, Sumit Kr Pal & Prakash Kr Mishra. Which aimed at providing plethora of services to the society ranging from giving access to free and quality education to distributing clothes and food to the destitutes .The Risers Foundation team comprises of highly motivated youth having zeal to serve the society .


In many flood affected places such as the recent Bihar flood, this foundation has provided medical facilities to the victims. Homeless people having nowhere to go have also been provided with medical facilities


Despite leaving in the era of highly digitised world ,where every thing is just one click away,the role of a good teacher can't be undermined. Education has always played the most important role in moulding society.


Food is indispensable for the survival, but unfortunately hundreds of thousands of people in our country, either die or are country, either die or are country, either die or are malnourished owing to paucity/scarcity of food.


Hence, rather than focusing on one aspect it has laid its hand on several, such as against child labour, conserving water, pollution free environment and donating blood. Soon we will be part of these events till then we are creating social awareness through certain blogs.